Unexpected end of archive

This is a really common error, but it has a simple solution.

If you have WinRAR on your PC

First, close that error dialogue. In the top menu, choose ‘tools‘ and then ‘repair archive‘. The program will ask you to choose the folder in which the repaired archive will be saved. You should choose an archive type that has the same file extension as the original file. Click OK, and wait for the process to complete. Voila! It should be fixed.

If you don’t want install extra program on your PC

If you’re still having issues, or if you just want a simple and easy solution that requires no computer savvy, try Zipi instead. Zipi will fix your corrupted or broken files in a breeze, with no expertise needed. Simply create an account, drag your corrupted file into the zipi Dashboard and it will fix the problem quickly and easily.