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Fantastic Features


Use zipi-tools to verify your backup.
We will let you know if everything's ok.


If the result is wrong, we'll fix your corrupt backups.


Convert your archive files to zip, tar, rar and jpa quickly and easily.

Automate Soon

Connect to your favorite cloud storage service. Zipi tools will effortlessly check all new backups.

See details below.

Security in mind

The security of your data is very important to us. We have built this service to the highest levels of security industry best-practice. Discover more details in our security policy.

Read our security policy.

Automate Soon...

Connect a cloud folder to zipi-tools and we will take care of your archives.

Archive check

Every new archive is checked by zipi.

Cloud connected

Connect effortlessly to your Google Drive, Dropbox, S3 or sFTP drive. More providers will be added over time.

Alerts & notifications

Receive alerts for: missing archives, archive corruption detection, significant file-size changes.


You can integrate our tools directly into your own applications by using our simple API.

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Archive size

Max file size
50 MB 250 MB 2 GB


zip, tar, rar, see all formats
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to zip, tar, rar, see all formats
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Fix your corrupt backups
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Connect your cloud drives
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Integrate zipi service via API
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